The weevils of Greece

Catalogue of the Curculionoidea of Greece (Coleoptera)

Le charançon, Catalogues & Keys No. 3, Curculio-Institute

Christoph Germann (Rubigen), Friedhelm Bahr (Viersen), Carlo Braunert (Mensdorf), Stefan Wartmann (Basel), Andreas Link (Ansfelden)

In a changed team, the Catalogue built up by Friedhelm Bahr (Viersen), Herbert Winkelmann (Berlin) and Christoph Bayer (Berlin) is continued. The actual state of the ancient catalogue can still be checked (Bahr et al. 2017*). The aim of the catalogue is still the complete documentation of the weevils of Greece (Curculionoidea). We offer an up-to-date overview with localities and most important references to the respective taxa. All additions should be included promptly and the results are ready for all interested colleagues and can – or should be – criticised! Hence we are looking forward to critics, additions and new discoveries.

*Bahr, F., Winkelmann, H. & Bayer, Ch. (2017): Illustrated Catalogue of the Weevils of Greece (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea). - SNUDEBILLER: Studies on taxonomy, biology and ecology of Curculionoidea 18, No.257: 463 pp., CURCULIO-Institute: Mönchengladbach (


Suggested citation:

logo.jpg GERMANN, C., BAHR, F., BRAUNERT, C., WARTMANN, S. & LINK, A.: Die Rüsselkäfer Griechenlands. Katalog der Curculionoidea Griechenlands (Coleoptera). - Le Charançon. Catalogues & Keys No. 3, Curculio-Institute, Mönchengladbach. – Information recalled on (Insert date).
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